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Kids' State Dinner 2014 Winners

Some of America’s most creative junior chefs put their talents to the test and whipped up over 1,500 delicious lunchtime recipes as part of the third annual Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. The competition was steep, but a panel of judges selected one winning recipe from each U.S. state, three U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia. On July 18, 2014, these fifty-four budding chefs traveled with their parents or guardians to the White House for the third annual Kids’ “State Dinner.”

2014 Kids' State Dinner Winners

Jane Battle, age 10, Alabama: “Veggie Spaghetti with Alabama Gulf Shrimp”

Michael Halpern, age 10, Alaska: “Maple-Pecan Salmon Delight”

Cody Vasquez, age 11, Arizona: “Shrimp Tacos with Watermelon Jicama Salad”

Hart Irby, age 10, Arkansas: “Arkansas meets Asia Catfish Sliders"

Genene Savall Wedd, age 10, California: “Ethiopian Kik Alitcha"

Kiana Farkash, age 8, Colorado: “Grilled Salmon with Farro and Warm Swiss Chard Salad"

Cecilia Vinas, age 10, Connecticut: “Quinoa Chicken Burger with Kale & Potato Chips”

Roisin Liew, age 9, Delaware: “Chi-Irish Shepherd's Pie”

Maxwell Wix, age 10, District of Columbia: “Healthy Grains, Squash, Apples, Sausage & Kale”

Gabriel Medina, age 10, Florida: “Fish Cartucho Al Gabusho”

Mira Solomon, age 10, Georgia: “Grillin' Out Veggie Style"

Lily Vinch, age 8, Guam: “Mo-Rockin' Meatless Monday Special"

Grady Garzo, age 9, Hawaii: “'Aina Holoka'i”

Katie Hebdon, age 11, Idaho: "K&T's Amazing Tortilla Chicken Soup”

Tess Boghossian, age 11, Illinois: “Lincoln's Inaugural Soup”

Sophie McKinney Han, age 10, Indiana: “Sophie's Healthy Coconut Chicken”

Anabel Bradley, age 8, Iowa: “Over the Rainbow Veggie Pancakes”

Jasmy Mavilla, age 8, Kansas: “Tangy Veggy Springetty”

Lucy Fairhead Hickerson, age 8, Kentucky: “Around the World in One Bite”

Moira Doran, age 10, Louisiana: “Muffin Tin Egg White Frittatas”

Sienna Mazone, age 12, Maine: “Mexican Haystack”

Esther Matheny, age 10, Maryland: “Chesapeake Fish Tacos, Lemon-Basil Sorbet”

Yonah Kalikow, age 10, Massachusetts: "Quinoa Lentil Burgers with Kale Slaw”

Elena Hirsch, age 11, Michigan: “Barack-oli and Mich-room Obama-lette”

Sophia Webster, age 12, Minnesota: “Quinoa & Black Beans”

Devlyn Williams, age 10, Mississippi: “Quinoa Sweet Potato Boat”

Joshua Murphy, age 10, Missouri: “Asian Chicken Meatball & Cauliflower Rice Tortilla”

Chloe Long, age 10, Montana: “'What! You Don't Like Tofu?' Stir Fry”

Zienna Peterson, age 10, Nebraska: “Terrific Turkey Tacos”

Grace Keating, age 11, Nevada: “Chicken and Grape Salad Lettuce Wraps”

Jessica Bakas, age 12, New Hampshire: “Pan-seared Salmon with Vegetables & Tricolor Salad”

Jacob Cook, age 9, New Jersey: “Sweet Potato Crusted Turkey and Veggie Pizza”

Max Johnson-Jimenez, age 11, New Mexico: “Southwestern Casera” 

Michael Lombardi, age 11, New York: “Mike's Chicken and Vegetable Dumpling Cups”

Rajen Dey, age 11, North Carolina: “Yummy and Healthy Kati Roll”

Tegan Lancaster, age 11, North Dakota: “Grilled Veggie Brunch”

Abigail Cornwell, age 9, Ohio: “Sunrise Tuscan Chicken” 

Ranger Lemaster, age 8, Oklahoma: “Smoky Southwestern Vegetable Dip” 

Grace Wetzler, age 12, Oregon: “Healthy Stuffed Rainbow Peppers”

Hannah Foley, age 10, Pennsylvania: “Seafood Tacos with Lime Coleslaw and Peachy Salsa”

Karla Gonzalez, age 10, Puerto Rico: “Salmon and Salad Island Deluxe”

Kinnan Hammond-Dowie, age 12, Rhode Island: “Mediterranean Kebab Wrap with Cilantro Tabbouleh”

Julia Pascoe, age 8, South Carolina: “Carolina Chicken Chili”

Sabrina Swee, age 12, South Dakota: “Hawaiian Kale Wraps”

Lily Sahihi, age 9, Tennessee: “Tennessee Tabouli”

Ariel Derby, age 8, Texas: “Baked Falafel & Tomato Cucumber Salad”

Andrew Chardack, age 9, Utah: “New Polish Potatoes”

Iris Hsiang, age 10, Vermont: “Chinese Vegetable Stir Fry”

Ahlissa Pierce, age 9, Virgin Islands: “Ahlissa's Rainbow Caribbean Soup”

Sophie Haga, age 12, Virginia: “Chia Chicken Pitas”

Maliha Amarsi, age 9, Washington: “This Fish has Gone Nuts!”

Adrianna Nelson, age 9, West Virginia: “Magnificent Mediterranean Spotlight Peppers”

Sarah Ganser, age 12, Wisconsin: “Amazing African Sweet Potato Stew”

KyAnn James, age 11, Wyoming: “Stuffed Pumpkin”