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Posted by Kelly Miterko, Deputy Associate Director, Let's Move! on July 14, 2015
Last week, the First Lady welcomed 55 talented young chefs to the White House for the fourth annual Kids’ “State Dinner.” It was just like any other state dinner, complete with beautiful décor and White House china, except the guests of honor were kids! It was an incredible day filled with inspiration, delicious healthy food, and fun. Check out our top five moments from the day:
Posted by Heidi Christensen, Associate Director for Community Engagement at the Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (The Partnership Center) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on July 13, 2015
What do weight training, dancing, yoga, and mall walking all have in common? They are all community activities that older adults are participating in around the country, thanks to the national Go4Life partnership network! 
Posted by Kelly Miterko, Deputy Associate Director, Let's Move! on July 10, 2015
We are so excited the Kids’ “State Dinner” is finally here! Today, the fifty-five Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winners will arrive to the White House to attend the fourth annual Kids’ “State Dinner.” Tune in to see the event live from the White House!  
Posted by Kelly Miterko, Deputy Associate Director, Let's Move! on July 8, 2015
This Friday, fifty-five budding young chefs will make their way to the White House for the fourth annual Kids' "State Dinner."
Posted by Dillon Andrews on July 7, 2015
“When I was little, I lived in San Francisco, and was exposed to all sorts of culture and food,” says Dillon. “One of my favorites was Indian food, so I decided to make an Indian style dish. I would serve this dish with mango and chai.“ - Dillon Andrews, Age 12, Wyoming
Posted by Anna Ganser on July 7, 2015
“I love to go sailing with my grandpa in Sturgeon Bay, WI, and thought of him with this recipe,” says Anna. “I am using the cucumber as an edible boat filled with flavorful ingredients, such as roasted vegetables, beans, herbs, and spices. My family also cares a lot about eating healthy to prevent heart disease and cancer. This Mediterranean-inspired recipe does just that. We serve my recipe with healthy homemade whole-grain pita chips and a side of berries. Yummy!” - Anna Ganser, Age 10, Wisconsin
Posted by Reagan Blasher on July 7, 2015
“I’m involved with my local Dairy Council through a nutrition program at my school,” says Reagan. “I knew I had to incorporate dairy to make them proud, so I made a list of all of my favorite foods to see what kind of recipe I could come up with. I talked with a local chef at the university in my town and he explained what the new “super foods” were and how important they are to our health. I then created a recipe that I thought would be great. I worked through trial and error until I finalized my recipe that is now delicious and includes my favorite and super foods.” - Reagan Blasher, Age 10, West Virginia
Posted by Timothy Burke on July 7, 2015
“I like to make my wraps myself. Everyone can put what they like inside, and you can eat a whole meal in just a roll,” says Timothy. “I also like spicy food, but I am picky about vegetables. When we chop the veggie mix up into confetti, it looks fancy, but I can't really tell what is there, and then when it is wrapped inside rice paper, I can't even see it! The best part is that I am getting many different veggies in every bite, but when I eat it, I mostly taste the mint and the hoisin sauce!” - Timothy Burke, Age 8, Washington D.C.
Posted by Simone Harvey on July 7, 2015
“I first made this recipe when I was very little,” says Simone. “My mom and I would always make this dish together, but because my mom is a vegetarian we would make teriyaki tofu instead of teriyaki chicken. A favorite story about this dish is my mom helping me learn the dish at a young age, and saying it was ok if I made mistakes—just try again." - Simone Harvey, Age 10, Washington
Posted by Simone Spalding on July 7, 2015
“I love to eat colorful, flavorful food! That's why I created Rainbow Chili,” says Simone. “It's an easy way for kids to eat a whole lot of vegetables—one from almost every color of the rainbow. I've been helping in the kitchen since I was 3. I like to cook because you get to put all sorts of different foods together and taste it before anyone else. I think we make better food at home than even fancy restaurants. And I think that kids will eat more vegetables if they look beautiful and taste delicious.” - Simone Spalding, Age 8, Virginia
Posted by Maya Elliott on July 7, 2015
“I first made this recipe yesterday,” says Maya. “I was inspired by my family because we all love vegetables, but different vegetables. I decided to make little lasagnas so we could all choose our own vegetables to put in it. I put fruit and salad on the side because of ChooseMyPlate.gov!” - Maya Elliott, Age 10, Vermont
Posted by Indiana Coyle on July 7, 2015
“Sushi is my favorite food. I like making sushi with my mom. She cuts up all the food and then I can pick what goes inside,” says Indiana. “We roll it up together and I eat it. When it was time to pick which sushi I thought was best, I couldn't choose! So we used the food in all of them for the recipe. We used brown rice because it is healthy and it tastes great. I think it would be healthy for kids to eat sushi.” - Indiana Coyle, Age 8, Utah
Posted by Jalani Phillips Jr. on July 7, 2015
“Living on an island can be a task at times, especially during hurricane season.  Power is knocked out, grocery stores closed or damaged, and fresh food items are often limited,” says Ialani. “My recipe can be prepared under these circumstances.  The salmon doesn't have to be refrigerated, nor are many supplies needed. If the power is out, I can prepare my meal using our gas stove with mom’s help.” - Jalani Phillips Jr., Age 10, U.S. Virgin Islands
Posted by Jianna Garcia on July 7, 2015
“I was inspired to make this as I love eating healthy, and I especially love any salad, more than chips and soda,” says Jianna. “Greek food is also one of my very favorites. I love how the flavors of the couscous, parsley, feta, and fresh veggies combine with my Lemon-Honey Vinaigrette. By adding delicious Chicken Skewers and Texas Tzatziki, I turned this already scrumptious salad into a super fresh, healthy, and very tasty meal.” - Jianna Garcia, Age 10, Texas
Posted by Evie Braude on July 7, 2015
“My inspiration for this recipe was a soup my mom makes. My sister and I adore this soup,” says Evie. “So, I decided to make a version of the soup as a salad that would be easier to take to school in a lunchbox. I was also inspired by the local farmer's market here in Knoxville, TN. The farmer's market has food trucks, pastries, vegetables, meat, and more! I love the salad by itself, but it would also be tasty with my dad's grilled salmon.” - Evie Braude, Age 9, Tennessee