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Posted by Otto Porter, NBA FIT Team member and Washington Wizards forward on January 17, 2014
Ed. Note: This blog was originally posted on www.fitness.gov. To view the full post, click here. To kick off the New Year, the National Basketball Association (NBA) teamed up with celebrity chefs, community members, and partners to tipoff the 2014 NBA FIT Live Healthy Week. Throughout the week, the NBA family—led by the NBA FIT Team—highlighted the importance of healthy living by being active, eating healthy, and playing together.
Posted by Elyse Cohen, Deputy Director, Let’s Move! on January 15, 2014
Yesterday, the Miami Heat made their way to our Nation’s Capital for their official White House visit to celebrate their 2013 NBA Championship title. Before meeting with the President, some of the Miami Heat players also spent time with First Lady Michelle Obama to work on a project to promote eating healthy and drinking water as part of Let’s Move! Because, when it comes to knowing about the importance of eating healthy to perform at your best, these guys know the drill.
Posted by Elyse Cohen, Deputy Director, Let’s Move! on January 13, 2014
After clenching their second consecutive NBA Championship title, the Miami Heat will have their official White House visit tomorrow, Tuesday, January 14 to celebrate.
Posted by Sam Kass, Executive Director, Let’s Move! on January 9, 2014
In May 2010, the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and First Lady Michelle Obama announced a commitment with 16 companies in the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF) pledging to take action to reduce 1 trillion product calories by 2012 and 1.5 trillion product calories by 2015. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) served as the independent evaluator of this commitment. 
Posted by Kelly Miterko, Deputy Associate Director, Let’s Move! on January 1, 2014
Celebrate the arrival of 2014 by making Let’s Move! a part of your New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s trying a new vegetable each month or taking the time to walk your kids to school each day, there are plenty of ways to keep your family healthy and active this year. Check out some of these healthy tips from Let’s Move! as inspiration for your own resolutions!
Posted by Elyse Cohen, Deputy Director, Let’s Move! on December 17, 2013
Join Let’s Move! Executive Director Sam Kass, the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) and New York Mets player Curtis Granderson for a Twitter chat tomorrow, Wednesday, December 18 at 3:30 p.m. ET.
Posted by Katie Rush, Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development on December 13, 2013
In the U.S., youth ages 8 to 18 use media, on average, more than 7 ½ hours a day – more time than they spend on just about anything else except sleeping.
Posted by Alberto M. Carvalho, Superintendent, Miami-Dade County Public Schools on December 12, 2013
Ed. Note: This blog was originally posted on the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition's website: www.fitness.gov. To view the full post, click here. The 350,000 students of Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) deserve the opportunity to be physically active where they live, learn and play. We know that having early, positive experiences with physical activity sets students on the course for life. Daily physical activity not only helps children stay healthy, it can also enhance important skills like concentration and problem-solving, which can improve academic performance and promote success in the classroom—and in life.
Posted by Kelly Miterko, Deputy Associate Director, Let's Move! on December 11, 2013
While the temperatures are dropping and the cooler winter weather is here, there are still plenty of ways for you and your family to stay active and healthy this winter! Up for some outdoor activity? Get Moving to Stay Warm: Get your blood pumping during a game of neighborhood tag to stay warm on a chilly afternoon. Or, if you have a bigger group, organize a game of soccer or flag football for an action-packed hour of physical activity.
Posted by Yvette Roubideaux, Acting Director, Indian Health Service on December 4, 2013
The Indian Health Service’s Zuni Comprehensive Community Health Center has become the first hospital in New Mexico to become Baby-Friendly certified. This means that nearly half of all IHS hospitals that currently perform deliveries have become “Baby-Friendly.”  Nationally, fewer than 6% of all U.S. hospitals are Baby-Friendly designated, and the only Baby-Friendly hospitals in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and South Dakota are all IHS hospitals.
Posted by Melinda Kelley, Ph.D, Policy Analyst, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute on December 2, 2013
Community partners in Adams County, Idaho offer a picture-perfect illustration of how local groups can collaborate and adapt a national program to help parents and children learn to make healthy choices. The Adams County Health Center (a Federally-Qualified Health Center) is working with several other area partners to engage families in the National Institutes of Health’s We Can! (Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition)® program.
Posted by Pamela Bryant, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on November 26, 2013
Earlier this year, the First Lady joined the Partnership for a Healthier America to launch a new effort to encourage people to drink more water.  Drink Up is a nationwide effort to inspire Americans to drink more water. And the City of Columbus is taking the First Lady’s message to heart.
Posted by Kelly Miterko, Deputy Associate Director, Let's Move! on November 25, 2013
With winter just around the corner, spend time with your kids in the kitchen trying out these recipes inspired by MyPlate to keep your family healthy and happy this season. MyPlate recipes use delicious foods to create healthy meals, encourage people to eat the right portion sizes, and limit the amount of added sugar and saturated fats.
Posted by Liz Themelis, GSA’s Director of Child Care Division on November 22, 2013
Ed. Note: This blog was originally posted on the General Services Administration's (GSA) website: www.gsa.gov. To view the full post, click here. Congratulations to GSA Child Care Centers for meeting the goals of the Let’s Move! Child Care Challenge. Part of the work we do at GSA is helping to build a stronger community. One way we have done that is through our network of 106 child care centers that recently partnered with First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Child Care initiative to work on making every day changes toward a healthy lifestyle for our kids.
Posted by Deborah Kane, National Director, USDA Farm to School Program on November 20, 2013
Ed. Note: This blog was originally posted on www.usda.gov. To view the full post, click here. I just spent the morning calling people who had applied to receive a USDA Farm to School grant. They were fun calls to make as I was letting this year’s awardees know their project had been selected for funding.