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Posted by Jamal Bin-Yusif, Age 11, on July 13, 2016
“Jamal's maternal grandparents are Jamaican and the Caribbean flavors are a normal part of our food,” says Jamal’s mom, Kathy. “He also loves tacos, but the shells can be high in sodium. Jamal found a way to significantly lower the sodium of his favorite dish by using the blue corn tortilla chips and because the dish is open, he adds even more vegetables and beans. Jamal already had a high blood pressure reading and we have a very strong family history of high blood pressure and diabetes on both sides. Jamal is very aware of the health concerns of his family and ethnicity. If he can make his food healthier, then he believes he'll live a more active life where he can keep doing all the fun things he loves to do.” Jamal likes to serve this dish with a fruit salad. - Jamal Bin-Yusif, Age 11, is the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Delaware.
Posted by Olivia LaRochelle, Age 12, on July 13, 2016
“My mom and I created this healthy seafood recipe, giving it a Latin twist since my grandparents are from Cuba. We decided to use tropical fruits and vegetables to make the salsa. The avocado and mango grow right in my grandparents’ backyard. We also added orange and lime because fish goes great with citrus. Living in Florida, it is very easy to find the most delicious, sweet oranges. I love oranges and it really helps to brighten the flavors in this dish! My grandparents said the fish cakes were so delicious.” - Olivia LaRochelle, Age 12, the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Florida
Posted by Jackson Kelly, Age 8, on July 13, 2016
“Jackson heard that a classmate cooks once a week for her family and wanted to try cooking for us,” says Jackson’s mom, Nour. “He loves his dad's traditional spaghetti with sausage but wanted to try to make his own with more of a meat sauce. Since we try not to eat pasta often, we decided to make this with spaghetti squash instead. He added his favorite veggies, which include mushrooms, carrots, and our local staple, Vidalia onions, to a basic Bolognese sauce and substituted ground turkey for beef.” Jackson serves this with whole-wheat toast drizzled with olive oil, and mango for dessert. - Jackson Kelly, Age 8, is the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Georgia. 
Posted by Grayson Giles, Age 8, on July 13, 2016
“I love to eat good food and I love to play soccer. It's important for me to be able to run fast so I can help my team and make lots of goals—my favorite part! When I played with the Guam National Academy, I needed lots of energy to feel good at practice. I am part Japanese and one of my favorite meals is Katsu Curry Rice. I decided to make a healthy version of it so I could eat what I love but still have lots of energy to run! I love eating this meal with my family.” - Grayson Giles, Age 8, the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Guam
Posted by Kaira Grace Pan, Age 9, on July 13, 2016
"Poke means to slice, to cut into pieces, in Hawaiian. Traditional poke is made with raw fish, Hawaiian salt, limu (seaweed), inamona (roasted, ground kukui nut), chiles, and onions. It is a favorite Hawaiian dish and my family loves making and sharing poke at family gatherings. I named my dish Poke Me Ke Aloha (poke with love) because I put all the things I love in it. I serve the poke with quinoa because it is healthier than white rice.” - Kaira Grace Pan, Age 9, the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Hawaii  
Posted by Jacob Russell, Age 12, on July 13, 2016
“I wanted to use Idaho potatoes, as well as create a recipe using super foods for the brain that helps kids with focus and memory. My mom and I researched the top foods for your brain health. Salmon, found in Idaho's rivers, is one of the best. I came up with an idea to represent the American flag with star-shaped salmon patties and stripes made from vegetables. My parents call me 'The Berry Monster' since I love to pick berries and eat them straight from the vine! Blueberries are also great for the brain. I learned the importance of eating fruits and veggies of all colors.” - Jacob Russell, Age 12, the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Idaho
Posted by Maggie Smith, Age 11, on July 13, 2016
“Last fall, I started to cook different recipes and would change ingredients and measurements to make them healthier and tastier. My aunt told me that I should enter the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge because I am so interested in cooking. With this recipe, I cooked it three times in order to get it just right. My family enjoyed the meal and commented how yummy and filling it was. My dish includes all food groups, and ingredients that are grown locally. Enjoy!” -Maggie Smith, Age 11, the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Illinois
Posted by Shakthi Ramachandran, Age 8, on July 13, 2016
“My dad is from India and I like Indian food, especially chicken tikka masala. I asked my dad how I can make chicken tikka masala and make it like a sandwich. I love chicken and I also like to eat a lot of vegetables. This recipe combines all these things and is very tasty and delicious. In the summer most of the vegetables we eat are from our garden. The cucumber raita dressing makes it delicious.” - Shakthi Ramachandran, Age 8, the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Indiana
Posted by Lola Shorney, Age 11, on July 13, 2016
“My goal is to be a veterinarian and because I love animals and healthy food, I enjoy inventing recipes that are plant based. Iowa is known for Grant Wood's painting American Gothic. My calzones include Iowa grown ingredients. During World War I when Hoover was appointed U.S. Food Administrator, his slogan was ‘Food Will Win the War.’ In order to feed our American army overseas, his food conservation campaign successfully reduced domestic food consumption by 15 percent. With calzones, I serve a ‘Food Will Win the War’ vegetable medley. Applying Hoover's ‘Food Will Win the War’ approach to obesity, I vow to be part of the solution.” - Lola Shorney, Age 11, the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Iowa
Posted by Joey Heidari, Age 12, on July 13, 2016
“This recipe includes a number of colorful ingredients such as corn, lentils, peaches, cabbage, cilantro, and garlic, all of which are grown in Kansas. My recipe has many healthy ingredients from each food group on MyPlate, such as whole grains in the tortillas; vegetables like purple cabbage and garlic; fruits like pineapple tidbits and avocado; lentils, for protein; and dairy from the Greek yogurt. I also made a Mango-Peach Smoothie to add more fruit and dairy. My family enjoyed eating this meal, so I hope you enjoy it, too." - Joey Heidari, Age 12, the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Kansas
Posted by Will Bingham, Age 10, on July 13, 2016
“My family likes to go camping and hiking a lot. My mom and I were trying to think of some healthy choices for lunch instead of hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill. So we came up with this one-bag bake that included seasonal veggies and local fish. We used an aluminum foil pouch and placed it in our campfire. It was a hit with our whole family! All we needed was our one bag and a fork! Now we make it at home all the time! Super yummy!!!” - Will Bingham, Age 10, the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Kentucky
Posted by Owen Osborne, Age 8, on July 13, 2016
“Owen's severe food allergies mean that he will never be able to eat from his school cafeteria menu, or from most prepackaged lunch meals,” says Owen’s mom, Jeanae.  “He, like most kids, loves fun lunches, with loads of colors, and ways to dip them. He picked his favorite foods and created this meal to rival all prepackaged and cafeteria offerings. The ingredients are all locally sourced, and the dessert was inspired by the Louisiana Peach Festival.” - Owen Osborne, Age 8, is the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Louisiana. 
Posted by Scout Bookham, Age 8, on July 13, 2016
“Scout began her brainstorming session by listing ingredients native to Maine,” says Scout’s mom, Jessie. “Her list included lobster, blueberries and potatoes. Given the health and affordability requirements of the challenge, she chose to highlight our delicious Maine blueberries in her side salad! We had so much fun collaborating on this project, and it was great to see how enthusiastic she was while fine-tuning her recipe, especially as she worked to get the salad dressing's oil-to-vinegar ratio.” - Scout Bookham, Age 8, is the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Maine.   
Posted by Colby Trenor, Age 9, on July 13, 2016
“Feeling blue or crabby? This tasty pick-me-up highlights Maryland blue crab meat, which is with other ingredients in a Bibb lettuce cup that can be rolled up for fun eating. Working with my mom, we nixed some ingredients and reduced others. We also reworked proportions and used fresh-frozen foods in place of some items not in season right now, to save money. I then presented two options to three tough critics: my preschool siblings, including a very picky eater. This dish got smiles and clean plates all around, so it’s a hands-down winner.” - Colby Trenor, Age 9, the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Maryland
Posted by Abby Newman, Age 10, on July 13, 2016
“We live at the start of the Boston Marathon. Our school and community become one soul during marathon season as we are a runners’ town. We used local ingredients in our recipe plus what our state is known for. We created a healthy and balanced dish packed with protein and fresh ingredients that will bring the marathon spirit to the schools during lunch time. Our town is still healing after the Boston Marathon bombing, and this project gave us an opportunity to see the goodness and unity of our town. Eating healthy helps us stay alert and participate in school activities and extracurricular events as well.” - Abby Newman, Age 10, the 2016 Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winner from Massachusetts