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Posted by Matt Compton on September 21, 2012
Ed. note: This is cross-posted from the White House blog. Last week, more than 400 Olympians and Paralympians were on hand at the White House for an event to celebrate their success in this year's London Games.
Posted by Deidra L. McGee, Office of Communication, U.S. Forest Service on September 21, 2012
Ed. note: This is cross-posted from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Posted by Drew Brees, NFL Quarterback and Co-Chair of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition on September 20, 2012
Editor's Note: This blog was cross-posted from the President's Council for Fitness, Sports and Nutrition September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and it also marks the start of the new school year for kids across America.  The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition is ramping up its efforts to raise awareness about the importance of physical activity and good nutrition, and they're challenging each of us to help America’s youth lead a healthier lifestyle. 
Posted by Kasie Coccaro on September 19, 2012
This fall, the White House will once again open its gardens and grounds to visitors from across the country continuing First Lady Michelle Obama's commitment to opening up the White House. As Mrs. Obama has said: "This is really what the White House is all about. It’s the “People’s House.” It’s a place that is steeped in history, but it’s also a place where everyone should feel welcome. And that's why my husband and I have made it our mission to open up the house to as many people as we can."
Posted by Lea Prohov on September 18, 2012
Ed. note: The physical activity facts for adolescent and school health were originally published on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Physical activity is essential to a healthy lifestyle, and it can be especially important in helping kids do better in school. U.S. Health and Human Services studies show that regular physical activity for kids and teens improves strength and endurance, helps build healthy bones and muscles, and increases self-esteem. Parents, teachers and community leaders can all play a supportive role, and help encourage a healthy lifestyle by promoting physical activity into everyday routines.
Posted by Marissa Duswalt on September 13, 2012
Starting today, iVillage is teaming up with the President’s Challenge Program to help American families improve their fitness and nutrition habits for a healthier lifestyle. Join the free six-week program and starting September 17, you'll receive daily emails with tips and activities to help you stay fit, eat right and earn a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+).
Posted on September 11, 2012
Ed. note: Originally published in the USDA The School Day Just Got Healthier' Tooklkit for Parents.
Posted by Dr. Jayne Greenberg on September 10, 2012
Editor's Note: This post was originally published on Fitness.gov, the official blog of  the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition More than two decades after its last update, the physical fitness test many of us did in school is getting a makeover. Just in time for the new school year, the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition (PCFSN) announced that the former Physical Fitness Test is now the Presidential Youth Fitness Program, and that it will focus primarily on assessing health versus athleticism for America’s youth.
Posted by Rebecca Frank, USDA Office of Communications on September 10, 2012
Ed. Note: Cross-posted from the USDA blog Join Sam Kass for Virtual Back to School Night: The School Day Just Got Healthier!
Posted by Lea Prohov on September 10, 2012
Ed. note: 10 Tips for Healthy Meals was originally published in the USDA ‘The School Day Just Got Healthier’ Toolkit for Parents. School is back in session, and it’s time to start packing those lunches again! A healthy meal starts with more vegetables and fruits, and smaller portions of protein and grains. Have your child help pack lunch with you so they can learn how to make a healthy, balanced meal. Show them how healthy food can be delicious, too, and encourage them to try new foods. Here are 10 tips to packing a healthy lunch for school:
Posted by Marissa Duswalt on September 5, 2012
Watch a Back to School Message from First Lady Michelle Obama about the improvements to school meals this year. 
Posted by Marissa Duswalt on September 5, 2012
To kick off the fall and back to school season, Let’s Move! Child Care is hosting a free webinar, Farm to Preschool: Digging in to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity!
Posted by Marissa Duswalt on September 4, 2012
On August 31, 2012, the President signed a proclamation regarding National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, September 2012. In the proclamation, he urges Americans to promote healthy living for our children:  "Each of us can play a role in ensuring our children have the opportunity to live long, healthy lives, and by joining together in pursuit of that mission, I am confident we can build a brighter future for America's youth."
Posted by Grant Hill, LA Clippers on August 31, 2012
In July, I had the special privilege of joining the First Lady as a member of the President’s official delegation to the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Before attending the opening ceremonies, we gathered on the lawn of the residence of the U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain for a Let's Move! event to get kids exercising. Thousands of children were there, including the children of our military members stationed in the area, participating in dozens of sports. Mrs. Obama is definitely hands-on when she joins kids in exercise and games. She is a non-stop advocate for healthy activity and good, clean, competitive fun. And, she is a powerful role model for healthy living and the pursuit of fitness for Americans of all ages.
Posted by Joslyn Simmons, Girl Scouts of Gateway Council on August 29, 2012
Everywhere I turned, I saw the great problem of childhood obesity. Things had changed over the short time from my childhood. Today's children were not getting the physical activity or food they needed. I was going to change that with the use of my Girl Scouts Gold Award. I was inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let's Move! initiative and by my younger cousin DJ, who is obese. I have a great love of sports and knew there had to be something to tie healthy living together with sports. Then the idea was born.