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Posted by Devlyn Williams, Mississippi on July 15, 2014
"I came up with this because my family and I decided to give up meat for Lent, but we needed protein,” says Devlyn. “I studied black beans in health class along with quinoa. My mom had some sweet potatoes left over, so I thought I should experiment. And I love South American food mixed with my heritage, and I channeled that." - Devlyn Williams, age 10, Mississippi
Posted by Kinnan Hammond-Dowie, Rhode Island on July 15, 2014
"I’ve always enjoyed learning to cook with my grandmother, who is of Middle Eastern heritage,” notes Kinnan. “I like to experiment with our family recipes and try to make them healthier and still delicious. I decided to make the kebabs out of ground turkey rather than the traditional lamb. Since ground turkey can sometimes be bland, I tried adding some healthy herbs to boost the flavor. I serve this meal with a Refreshing Cucumber Salad.
Posted by Joshua Murphy, Missouri on July 15, 2014
"I love Chinese food and tortillas like at Chipotle, so I decided to create my own with two of my favorite types of foods,” says Joshua. “My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, so she is trying to teach me about using healthy ingredients and why it is important to know what I put in my body. She said that vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli have a lot of cancer-fighting power.
Posted by Sophia Webster, Minnesota on July 15, 2014
"My family loves quinoa, and I love black beans, so we mixed the two together and voilà,” notes Sophia. “We serve it with a fresh fruit salad. It is gluten-free and nut-free, and you can make it lactose-free by omitting the cheese." - Sophia Webster, age 12, Minnesota Makes 4 servings
Posted by Elena Hirsch, Michigan on July 15, 2014
"We love to eat omelets, and we love to try new vegetable combinations in our omelets,” says Elena. “We decided to create an omelet for the First Family to enjoy, using veggies to represent each of them—BARACKoli, MICHrooms, CarMALIAized Onions, and Butternut SquASHA. We hope they enjoy this creation as much as we do!" - Elena Hirsch, age 11, Michigan
Posted by Karla Gonzalez, Puerto Rico on July 15, 2014
"At science class, we did an awesome project. We had to keep record for a week of all the food we ate at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also the snacks,” says Karla. “That made me more aware of the importance of eating healthy. Since I am a fan of salmon with white rice, I am making a variation and replacing the rice with salad. The salmon is so easy to prepare that I do it myself.
Posted by Hannah Foley, Pennsylvania on July 15, 2014
"I love to cook, and hope to one day be a chef with my own show on the Food Network called H to the F to the Hannah Foley Chef,” says Hannah. “Our family really loves seafood, and we try to eat healthy.
Posted by Ahlissa Pierce, Virgin Islands on July 15, 2014
"My mom always said that it was important to eat different-colored vegetables, but it wasn’t until I saw a beautiful rainbow last week that I felt encouraged to add colorful vegetables to my mother’s traditional chicken soup,” says Ahlissa. “Adding these vegetables to soups is an easy way to try new vegetables. My soup has 13 different vegetables in it.
Posted by KyAnn James, Wyoming on July 15, 2014
"Personally, I really love pumpkins, so one day I thought, Why not?” says KyAnn. “My mom is always making stuffed peppers, and really I don't like peppers, so I decided to try pumpkins. I would pair it with a side salad or some fresh strawberries from the garden." - KyAnn James, age 11, Wyoming
Posted by Grace Wetzler, Oregon on July 15, 2014
"My lunch is a variety of color, flavor, and fun. Looking down at the plate it is like a rainbow,” says Grace. “I am a strong believer that a meal should look good and taste good. It should please your eyes and your stomach. This was an easy lunch I whipped up in no time." Grace likes to finish the meal with Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey. - Grace Wetzler, age 12, Oregon
Posted by Ranger Lemaster, Oklahoma on July 15, 2014
"My kids love any snacks with dip,” says Ranger’s mom, Ashley. “We came up with this recipe as a healthy alternative to some of the chip-and-dip options out there. It is just as good with baked tortilla chips or whole-grain pita wedges as it is with celery sticks. We would include a side of fresh fruit, as this recipe lacks nothing else.
Posted by Sarah Ganser, Wisconsin on July 15, 2014
"My family loves warm, healthy soup on a cold Wisconsin day. The sweet potatoes, spices, and peanut flavors make this soup one of my all-time favorites,” says Sarah. “The sweet potatoes, vegetables, and beans provide plenty of fiber and plant proteins to keep us going all day. The stew also helps lower our cholesterol and helps prevent cancer, which my family cares a lot about.
Posted by Adrianna Nelson, West Virginia on July 15, 2014
"I love to create healthy recipes because I feel great when I eat healthy. Couscous is my favorite side, and it's very tasty,” says Adrianna. “I decided to use couscous in my yummy stuffed peppers that are filled with my favorite veggies. I would serve fresh fruit salad as dessert!" - Adrianna Nelson, age 9, West Virginia
Posted by Abigail Cornwell, Ohio on July 15, 2014
"I came up with my recipe because I love Italian food, and wanted to share my recipe with everyone!” says Abigail. “I love fresh ingredients, especially in the summertime, going to the farmers’ market with my mom to shop. I have included my ‘sunshine’ in the recipe, and it is a tangerine with fresh strawberries.
Posted by Maliha Amarsi, Washington on July 15, 2014
"I enjoy salmon and I love maple syrup, so I mixed them together,” says Maliha. “And hot soup on a cold day makes me warm and happy inside.” Maliha serves this with a Caesar salad and adds, “Crunchy salad is fun to eat." - Maliha Amarsi, age 9, Washington Makes 4 servings