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Posted by Rosie Jackson, Orleans Parish Food Service Director, New Orleans, Louisiana on March 17, 2013
You never know how a child will react to a new food. We took a chance and held a taste test of a healthy new recipe with about 25 fourth through eighth grade students at Hynes Charter School in New Orleans. 
Posted by Jeremy West, Weld County School District 6, Nutrition Service Director, Greeley, Colorado on March 16, 2013
They said it couldn’t be done. Prepare meals from scratch. Done. Purchase locally grown foods.  Done. Add salad bars to every school. Done. Reduce sodium. Done. Develop a highly trained central production staff led by an Executive Chef, keep the budget in the black and maintain labor hours. Done, done and done. But it didn’t happen overnight!
Posted by Mike Del Moro on March 15, 2013
Students from elementary and middle schools from more than 20 states submitted entries for this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll Poster Contest, and First Lady Michelle Obama has picked the winning designs. All of the submissions featured artwork relating to this year’s theme “Be Healthy, Be Active, Be You!” Posters will be handed out as a prize to children who win the Easter Egg Roll or Egg Hunt, and programs will be distributed to all guests at the event.
Posted by Marissa Duswalt on March 15, 2013
Three delicious recipes -- Sweet Potato & Apple Salad with Lime Vinaigrette, Summer Ratatouille, and Tuscan White Bean Salad with Roasted Garlic -- from Vermont's school chefs have inspired us to bring school meals home!
Posted by Heidi Martin, RD, LD, SNS, Child Nutrition Programs Coordinator, Idaho Department of Agriculture on March 15, 2013
Volcanic Meatloaf, Flew the Coop Tortilla Soup, Broccoli Monster Mash, and Pizza Green Beans are all on the menu in Idaho, thanks to a partnership with a local chef and dietitian creating a variety of chef-designed school lunch meals that are healthy and delicious.
Posted by Marissa Duswalt on March 15, 2013
It's AmeriCorps Week, and we're celebrating the extraordinary impact of AmeriCorps members and alums serving America's communities through programs like FoodCorps, an innovative, grassroots approach to solving the national obesity epidemic. With one in four U.S. children struggling with hunger, and one in three obese or overweight, FoodCorps addresses a root cause of both: access to healthy food. 
Posted by Steve Marinelli, Milton Town School District, Milton, VT on March 14, 2013
I’ve been the Food Service Director for Milton Town School District for two years now. My goal is to make lunchtime a dining experience for the students, which has proven to be a success. Try our five simple steps to get your students excited to eat their fruits and veggies!
Posted by Terri Romine-Ortega, Public Affairs Specialist, USDA Food and Nutrition Service Southwest Region on March 13, 2013
It is a challenge to get teenagers to eat lunch at school. These cool, independent, fast-food connoisseurs often eschew the traditional school lunch line. But the nutrition services director and an executive chef have changed that dynamic at the high school in Union Public Schools in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 
Posted by Steve Watson, Southeast Regional Office Public Affairs, Food and Nutrition Service on March 12, 2013
Schools in Tennessee’s Knox County have embraced new healthy school lunch standards, with more options and kid favorites on the menu and more whole grains, fruits, and vegetables in every meal served.
Posted by Kori Schulman on March 11, 2013
First Lady Michelle Obama participates in a “Let’s Move!” Twitter Office Hour in the First Lady’s East Wing Office of the White House, March 11, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy) Earlier today, First Lady Michelle Obama hopped on Twitter to discuss Let's Move!, her initiative to ensure our nation’s kids grow up healthy. During the chat with people from around the country, Mrs. Obama shared her favorite cardio workout (it’s kickboxing), winter recipes she loves (and a great resource for Pinspiration), plus a new program that will bring physical activity back to schools (and how you can get involved).