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"Top Chef" Whole Wheat Turkey Tacos

Do you want to cook like the pros? Check out this healthy, budget friendly and delicious recipe created for  a special Let's Move!  "Quick Fire" Challenge.


Whole wheat tortillas
Turkey bacon
Ground turkey
Equal parts shredded fennel, cabbage, and carrots (seasoned with salt to taste)
1 qt low fat yogurt
1 puréed cucumber
1 c toasted sesame seeds
1 cup Alfalfa sprouts
1 cup Toasted sunflower seeds pulsed in a food processor
1 whole cantaloupe
1 cup ice


For the tacos:
1). Toast the whole wheat tortillas.
2). Saute ground turkey in a pan until cooked.
3). Sear turkey bacon until browned.
4). Boil 1 part quinoa in 4 parts salted water until tender, strain of excess water and keep warm.
5). Combine equal parts fennel, cabbage, and carrots.

For assembly:
1). Place quinoa in tortilla.
2). Place 2 oz. turkey in tortilla.
3). Top with 2 oz. slaw.
4). 1/2 oz. alfalfa sprouts.
5). Place dressing listed below.
6). Top with toasted sunflower seeds.

Dressing for tacos:
1). Purée 1 qt yogurt, 1qt cucumber, and sesame seeds.
2). Finish off with a squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of salt

Serve with cantaloupe milk:
1). Purée 1 cantaloupe with 1 qt skim milk and 1 cup of ice until smooth.
2). Pour and serve.

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